Malaika is Unicity

"It's not a destination, but a voyage around the world"

It means Angel and it is of African-Swahili origin.

  It is mostly given to women but is popular in both genders. 

It is pronounced : Maa-Laa-IY-Kaa- †

Lucky stone is Peridot; a crystal of positive power.

 A true source of abundance, happiness and creativity symbolizing strength.


The Setting

The Setting is a frame mounted around the natural shell without using any glue but simply following nature's curves. A true artisan-nest worked by hand.

The mastery behind these unique pieces lies on the experience and the skill of the artisan. One must be skilled at holding the shell without shattering it and yet working to support and to surround it with pure finesse.

The secret is to make a work of art through complete dexterity so as to achieve a fine and perfect luxurious Jewel by making it look so simple yet fragile.

The outcome is captivating and mesmerizing....

Malaika Jewels

Unique luxury hand-made pieces in Italy

Timeless & Unisex

A Made-in-Italy hand crafted natural Jewel born in nature, meant to be worn anywhere, anytime. 
Perfect to fit any wardrobe combining traditional Italian mastery with different cultural backgrounds. Luxurious and Versatile.
Make it your own wherever you are!

Ndogo Goccia, size XS

Silver 925°/... on Natural Shell

(with silver chain, optional)

Ndogo Goccia, size S

Silver 925°/... on Natural Shell


Wearing Malaika

Discover Malaika's Versatility

Ndogo Goccia

The Trio of Ndogo Goccia, S

Silver 925°/... on Natural Shell, personalized

Kati Africa

Kati Afrika (size M) comes in Silver Silver 925°/...
on Natural Shell, personalized
 Also available in pink and yellow gold plating as well as black rodhium.

Malaika Fashion

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" - Leonardo Da Vinci


"Malaika est chaleur et élégance mais surtout Elle me relie à la nature et à l’essence de moi! Sa couleur unique me fait sentire encore plus désirable. Merci mon Ange..."

- Paris, France -


"Malaika rappresenta un traguardo per me più unico che raro! Ricevuto come dono di Laurea, aprendolo sono stata travolta dalla natura, i colori, la sensazione di far parte di un sogno travolgente! Grazie di cuore"

- Padova, Italy


"...I used a simple chain with it, and loved the way it looked with several different outfits.Thank you so much to Malaika for its utter warmth as well as elegance"

- PennsylvaniaUSA - 

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Malaika Wedding

“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.” 
– Maya Angelou -


Special Requests

Would you like to commission YOUR own piece?


Unity through Diversity

How can we define the concept of "unity through diversity"? Each shell is precious and so perfect yet so unique!
The mastery lies in working around it, as if engraving each one is in fact the shell that rules each curve and the craftsman must follow.
Malaika is the essence of this "unity through diversity" because it is a bond across multiple continents.
 Made in Italy, but ultimately a true citizen of the world.