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Limited Edition Shell/Jewel on Request

Nov 16, 2021 | Temporary shop exhibition








The Setting is a frame mounted around the natural shell without using any glue but simply following nature’s curves: truly AUTHENTIC!

A true artisan-nest worked entirely by hand.
The mastery behind these unique pieces lies on the experience and the skill of the artisan. One must be experienced at holding the shell without shattering it and yet working to support and to surround it with pure finesse; hence, the shell rules and the craftsman must follow!
The secret is to make a work of art through complete dexterity so as to achieve a fine and perfect luxurious Jewel by making it look so simple and fragile yet ferociously resistant and timeless.
The outcome is captivating and mesmerizing….

This one in particular was a special request in pink Gold 18carat with green Peridot stone and a name designed to embrace the Afrika Jewel, chosen by the client herself.

This is a masterpiece, meant to last forever but with a story to die for….I was immediately taken by it and felt Malaika could fulfill her special and peculiar demands.