A new dawn

 Malaika Shell Jewelry & Turtle Neck come together in this dedicated shooting to true natural beauty.
Donia is showing us how elegante yet sensual a young woman can be by wearing some of the smallest SeaShells by Malaika.
Settings that were designed and mounted entirely by hand : a true artisan-made masterpieces as there Is no glue but only the expertise ‘s years of experience and hard work.
Innovative design in silver 925’/… Embracing the Natural shells picked up by the designer herself in many of her voyages.
The Shell Is in fact the soul of Malaika Just as Miriam Makeba used to sing: Nakupenda Malaika 🐚
Shells can be paired with silver necklaces or thread necklaces coming in various colors for all genres.

Literally Timeless & Unisex


Photography by Sofia Tenivella
Modella @donia


Materials: Natural shells 🐚, Silver925, handwork by true Italian master

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All Malaika final sales are handled by the designer herself.
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