Can you tell your life story
in exactly six words?

Africa, Indonesia, USA, Europe and Italy!

This is me, Barbara Ebbli, founder of Malaika, a name of African-Swahili origin but most importantly the land of my birth. It is mostly given to women but is popular in both genders.

It is pronounced: Maa-Laa-IY-Kaa-†

In two words: my Angel, a true melting pot of different cultural backgrounds…


It all started with a natural shell picked up while walking on the Adriatic sea but mostly due to my insatiable passion for Italian craftsmanship.

Art and Tradition combined to create a Union of cultures treasured by both Women and Men. 

It’s not a destination, but a voyage around the world.

The lucky stone is Peridot; a crystal of positive power, a true source of abundance, happiness and creativity symbolizing strength.


The Setting is a frame mounted around the natural shell without using any glue but simply following nature’s curves. A true artisan-nest worked by hand.
The mastery behind these unique pieces lies on the experience and the skill of the artisan. One must be skilled at holding the shell without shattering it and yet working to support and to surround it with pure finesse.
The secret is to make a work of art through complete dexterity so as to achieve a fine and perfect luxurious Jewel by making it look so simple yet fragile.
The outcome is captivating and mesmerizing….

But most importantly, how can we define the concept of “unity through diversity”?

Each shell is precious and so perfect yet so unique!

The mastery lies in working around it, as engraving each one it is in fact the shell that rules each curve and the craftsman must follow.

Malaika is the essence of this concept because it is a bond across multiple continents.

Made in Italy, but ultimately a true citizen of the world.

Every shell-Jewel is passionately and highly artisan-made in Italy available in Gold 18carat and Silver 925°/…, Yellow Gold Plating, Pink Gold Plating, Black (White upon request) Rodhium. 

A citizen of the world reflected in my Art.

Once completed, the final shell-Jewel comes with a silver hand-worked ring/snap-hook to accessorize it as one pleases: a key holder, or perhaps a pendant to your purse or handbag as well as briefcase; not to mention your belt or your wrist alongside a silk or cotton handmade ribbon to top it all off.

Simply Luxurious! Make it your own, wherever you are… 

Fashion Taylored Collection

This collection goes hand in hand with perfection showing how beautiful and elegant things are when they are not lost in the single detail but when form, art and design achieve the perfect balance… 

Malaika is that perfect balance combining true Italian tailoring with Asian roots such as Batik and hand painted Art altogether to achieve the ultimate elegance and uniqueness.

The goal behind this mini Collection is Slow Fashion but most of all the Unicity within each style.

There are 3 sizes per style, each one worked out differently to highlight their irreplicability. It is of utter importance to emphasize the uniqueness and singleness of each piece as each one stands on its own despite being part of an ensemble.

Malaika reinforces and prizes artisan-made quality over quantity and industrialization….

Ultimately, Less is More just as Ludwig Mies van der Rohe once said.