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The Italian Project on Riccio Italy, USA

Jun 24, 2021 | Temporary shop exhibition

Riccio Italy (USA) has a seasonally curated collections of small, unique, European fashion and accessory labels!!

The Italian Project for Riccio means:

“Covid-19 continues to threaten Italy and its inhabitants, but in addition to that toll it has greatly impacted the livelihoods of so many.  The Italian Project makes it possible to buy directly from some of Italy’s most talented small brands and artists. 80% of your purchase goes directly to the artist/designer. Your support at this time means so much. Grazie infinite!  All items sold from The Italian Project vendors are considered special order items and therefore are not refundable or returnable. Thank you for understanding!  Please refer to the drop down menu to shop the designers and creators.”

Malaika is featured on this amazing project, and Belinda Nixon is the person who made it possible for Malaika who is an artisan-based brand, to be visible within the American market and more…. Grazie infinite a Te carissima Belinda per questa splendida opportunità!

I am very happy and really looking forward to more collaboration, perhaps in person, in the next coming months.