Just an amazing Foulard

“Just an amazing Foulard” on Matha & Beatrice Ines: for Italy and USA

This specific shooting was dedicated to the ultimate accessory, the Foulard!
Malaika’s latest fashion craze: a typical French foulard. Impeccably sexy, coy, and the ultimate status of chic, a thin scarf is not necessarily an accessory but actually a French signal of confidence. It takes quite the bravery to put on the coveted headcover in days when fashion tends to wear less and less, making the scarf a luxury.


Foulards were thought out as an ultimate accessory, coming from remnants of all the fabrics used in the collection.
Each one is personalized and hand painted by artist Sarah Bowyer.
The idea behind the various pieces of Foulards, was to give each one a life of its own as a complement to any wardrobe, anywhere.

Malaika has decided to use the remnants of all fabrics, especially the silk and crepe as well as cotton ones to give an assortment of unique, hand-painted scarves. Some of which are being sold in USA.

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