Modern Warriors

“Modern Warriors” in Torino, chez Claudia Pour Toujours

This shooting was dedicated to the 1st Fashion pieces of Malaika and after having read Federica Schifano’s article on her blog, I fell in love with the title.

The goal behind this mini Collection is Slow Fashion but most of all the Unicity within each style.
There are 3 sizes per style, each one worked out differently to highlight their irreplicability. 

It is of utter importance to emphasize the uniqueness and singleness of each piece as each one stands on its own despite being part of an ensemble.
Malaika reinforces and prizes artisan-made quality over quantity and industrialization….
Ultimately, Less is More just as Ludwig Mies van der Rohe once said.

Most of the pieces are hand-painted by artist Sarah Bowyer dedicating this collection to Indonesia.

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