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Circolo dei Lettori – Torino

Mar 31, 2022 | Barbara says

“Colpo di Scena in the Year of the Tiger” – 17 Marzo 2022 at Il Circolo dei Lettori by CNA-Federmoda Torino.

A wonderful event dedicated to the Year of the Tiger; and how it has influenced Malaika’s new pieces this year.

As we ponder on the latest events of these past 3 months, we shall remain authentic and true to ourselves and others. Building a better future, starts with us!

The idea of bringing love and beauty into this dark world covered in violence and anxiety saddens me as well as gives me the shivers but I will not give in nor put on a brave face as I prefer to continue doing what I love and feel utterly drawn to as a Designer.

My project started right after working for years around the world, searching, developing and ultimately producing quantities of goods that in the long terms revealed itself to be deleterious to our society.

Malaika ‘s philosophy is based on quality, not quantity in all its characteristics and forms. It is about creating unique pieces, tailor-made in Italy combining collected fabrics and the final touch or artist Sarah Bowyer to make them wearable masterpieces but most importantly one-of-a-kind and one-of-each style and size.

The Jewelry comes from real shells, hand-picked by me after being beached on the shore for God knows how long, and made to become precious Jewels – Timeless, Unisex as well as Original pieces, individually hand-worked and embraced by Silver925 or even Gold 18kt and more, upon any request.

I just love the idea of bringing to life Textiles and Jewelry that carry history and an authentic story, representing who I am in full!

Finally, it was an honor speaking in such a cultural and literary environment in the centre of Torino about my worldwide project that was in fact born in Torino in 2019.