“Libere di… al Teatro Arcimboldi”

Shooting in Milano in collaboration with @CastingBambini during Milano Fashion Week, Teatro Arcimboldi

Photography by @ilariasilviaphotography

This collaboration with @CastingBambini was definitely a special one during the Milano Fashion Week in September 2020; the location gave us all the energy as well as the power to carry out a variety of colors and mood; from the modern and grand theater to the most memorable late September weather, sunny and breezy, perfect for the photographers to capture the simplicity and clearness of the outfit worn by the young multi-ethnical models.


This very 1st collection of unique pieces came out through the union of collected fabrics (remnants of various continents as well as years of travels) and the utter sensibility towards quality over quantity.

Thus, using Linens, Silk Shantungs, Cottons and traditional Batiks altogether to form a collection that could stand out and on its own wherever it may be.

This time in collaboration with a wonderful casting association to emphasize the fact that Malaika is for everyone.

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