Ocularium’s wonders

An afternoon with @ocularium_polveredistelle

Live with @stefaniamanfré + @effes.art

Shooting on Susanna Fenoglio in her shops

Client & Entrepreneur herself, she has almost become an “Ambassador of Malaika” as she has chosen the outfit with Electric Blue high-waisted trousers and 2in1 shirt to fit in her magical emporium of eyewear boutique. Ocularium in Turin bears a Latin name: a Latin name for a shop that looks like Ollivanders’ magic wands: between drawers and open shelves crammed with boxes of glasses of all kinds, antique furnishings and velvet sofas, a grand piano right in front of the window, a wall-mirror and plants all wrapped by these tentacles of light on the ceiling spreading throughout the entire shop… the impression is to enter a magical emporium where drawers do hide wonderful secrets.

In this shooting, you can see the unique multi-functional kaftan in White, hand-painted by Sarah Bowyer – www.sarahbowyer.eu artist at the back.


This very 1st collection of unique pieces came out through the union of collected fabrics (remnants of various continents as well as years of travels) and the utter sensibility towards quality over quantity. Thus, using Linens, Silk Shantungs, Cottons and traditional Batiks altogether to form a collection that could stand out and on its own wherever it may be.
Specifically, the double-breasted jacket as well as the trousers and multi-functional kaftan were handpainted by artist Sarah Bowyer, to give each piece that sense of eclectic taste yet fully Made in Italy.

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