MUST_HAD is a Must!

MUST_HAD is a Must!

“The value of waste. Embracing refashion as the evolution of Fashion”, these are just a few words coming from Must_Had.

Refashion brands as well as Limited editions are the true concepts not to mention the true values behind this platform and Malaika is proud to be part of it amongst top brands.

Sustainability, wastage, tackling the Fashion Industry with this problem, this ethical not to mention delicate topic, thus:

“MUST HAD is the refashion platform born from the belief that a truly more sustainable fashion industry depends on using what already exists, focusing on RESCUEREGENERATE and REVALUE.”

Malaika prizes quality over quantity and for this reason what matters is not be a mass-producing brand but a one-of-a-kind producing brand. Malaika also takes from its own collection of archived fabrics, collected over the years, since the 80s. Malaika focuses on details in its designs making each one even more special with Sarah Bowyer’s hand-painted masterpieces on and for Malaika.

Malaika is Unicity, Diversity, Innovative Design.

Malaika’s motto is Less is More but most importantly that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.



The Italian Project on Riccio Italy, USA

The Italian Project on Riccio Italy, USA

Riccio Italy (USA) has a seasonally curated collections of small, unique, European fashion and accessory labels!!

The Italian Project for Riccio means:

“Covid-19 continues to threaten Italy and its inhabitants, but in addition to that toll it has greatly impacted the livelihoods of so many.  The Italian Project makes it possible to buy directly from some of Italy’s most talented small brands and artists. 80% of your purchase goes directly to the artist/designer. Your support at this time means so much. Grazie infinite!  All items sold from The Italian Project vendors are considered special order items and therefore are not refundable or returnable. Thank you for understanding!  Please refer to the drop down menu to shop the designers and creators.”

Malaika is featured on this amazing project, and Belinda Nixon is the person who made it possible for Malaika who is an artisan-based brand, to be visible within the American market and more…. Grazie infinite a Te carissima Belinda per questa splendida opportunità!

I am very happy and really looking forward to more collaboration, perhaps in person, in the next coming months.


OverJewels ~ Milano Autunno 2022

OverJewels ~ Milano Autunno 2022

Malaika è ora presente sul sito OverJewels con una parure dedicata ad ArtistarJewels di Milano.

L’evento della Milano Jewelry Week posticipato all’Autunno 2022 vedrà come protagonisti la collana e gli orecchini fatti interamente a mano su conchiglie naturali, raccolte sul mar Adriatico.

È un onore poter presenziare a fianco a maestri del mestiere, con un riconoscimento all’eccellenza Italiana del fatto a mano.

Malaika, nata ad ottobre 2019, non vede l’ora di poterveLi mostrare di persona….

#staytuned because Malaika is now featured on OverJewels with a splendid unique parure of shell necklace and earrings.

The Milano Jewelry Week event has been postponed to the Autumn 2022, but in the meantime you can connect on their website to see the beauty of these unique pieces made exclusively for Artistar Jewels, Milano.

I am proud to be part of this incredible and precious event among top designers and Jewelry-makers and goldsmiths.

Simply wonderful!

ToAsean Project alongside Milano Jewelry Week 2021

ToAsean Project alongside Milano Jewelry Week 2021


Embarking on a journey of Unisex -Man & Woman- interaction of shells and textile batik of 1990 in purple and black. These were bought in one of the oldest Jakarta shopping markets (around since 1820) called “Pasar Baru” by my mother who has always nurtured the passion for textiles in general and somehow managed to pass it on to me as a true obsession.

These specific unique pieces have accompanied me throughout many voyages, from Indonesia to Usa, to Europe and finally Italy where I decided to give them a new life again in this shooting on Matha and Aldo @claudiapourtoujours, a splendid location in the heart of Torino where this ancient building of Corbetta Bellini of Lessolo as well as natural light merge into one making their way to you by giving you that sense of warm embrace I constantly feel connected too.

The idea of merging body and design as well as gender : specifically for these MAO (Museo di Arte Orientale in Turin) pieces and a special parure of Collier + Earrings for the Milano Jewelry Week had been on my mind since Nov 2020 when I was called by the CNA of Turin and was given news of having been selected to showcase my Jewelry pieces at the museum in relation to the project ToAsean where the Chamber of Commerce, IED and Italia Myanmar alongside CNA Torino were involved.

I am proud to be have been selected for this year’s exhibition starting June 3 2021!

All the pieces come with a certificate by ARCHIVIO MICHELANGELO.