Yoyogi Park is calling

Shooting “Yoyogi Park is calling” in collaboration with Ellipsis Kimono, Photography by Paul Manna

In this collaboration, the idea was to combine Malaika’s Jewelry&Fashion with the incredible and wonderfully special Japanese vintage Kimono of Ellipsis Kimono.
I am proud to say this specific day, in the centre of Mantova, alongside a multi-ethnical as well as multi-cultural person such as Sata, was the perfect mix of diversity.
The outcome was exquisite and well executed as I wanted to show how Malaika’s versatility and eternal concept keeps standing out.


The perfect combination of Japanese Vintage Kimonos and Malaika pieces merging by celebrating multi-cultural backgrounds.
In this case the pairing of Fashion and Jewelry by Malaika alongside the Vintage Kimonos by Ellipsis set in a city la Mantua designated in 2016 as the Italian Capital of Culture. It is surrounded on three sides by artificial lakes, created during the 12th century as the city’s defence system. I felt it was a perfect setting for Malaika embarking on a journey full of culture and knowledge.