Our Story

It all started with a natural shell picked up while walking on the Adriatic sea but mostly due to my insatiable passion for Italian craftsmanship. Art and Tradition combined to create a Union of cultures treasured by both Women and Men. Malaika comes from Africa, the land of my birth. It means Beauty, Youth and most importantly Angel! Because of it, I have nurtured the feeling of being a real melting pot of cultural backgrounds and continents between Africa, Indonesia, Usa and Europe. Each piece is passionately and highly artisan-made in Italy available in : Gold 18kt and Silver 925°/... - Yellow Gold Plating, Pink Gold Plating - Black (White) Rodhium. A citizen of the world reflected in my Art.

It is meticulously designed to be tied to a foulard that comes from an assortment of unique remnants collected over the years throughout my voyages, ultimately hand-painted as a true Art piece. Simply Luxurious! 

Make it your own, wherever you are…