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Malaika is proud to inform you that all the goods will be hand-delivered by the Designer herself, only in Turin.
It will give you a chance to meet her and ask her any particular queries you might have.

Ndogo Afrika


Kati Afrika


Kubwa Afrika


Ndogo Goccia


Kati Goccia


Kubwa Goccia


Kati Spiral Afrika


Kubwa Spiral Afrika


Goccia Earrings

18 kt Gold  Afrika


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"All our knowledge begins with the senses"

- Immanuel Kant 


Expert hands, Artisan hands - Medieval Goldsmith Craftsman - and Designer come together all surrounded by their own materials and their own mastery day in and day out. The bond is infinite, most importantly timeless, because they are One.

While the designer holds a highly self-conscious and introspective mode of thinking, the Artisan’s approach is naturally action-based.

The Artisan at times innovates afresh around a basic solid solution... there is a collective consciousness and intuition mainly at play. His thinking and solving is through doing, there usually aren’t any plans nor specific strategies other than evolving on the job therefore Design and Execution are truly ONE.

Malaika has managed to merge with the collective consciousness of the Artisan and the self-consciousness of the Designer in order to work together,

 strictly by hand, on each piece making them unique and irreplicable. The ring that serves as “snap-hook” is also handmade. 

The Shell is natural and picked-up, after being beached for some time, by the Designer’s long meditative walks…

The Tools are medieval tools made-up by the goldsmith especially for Malaika, after months and years of action-based trials and work.

The materials such as pure Silver 925’/… as well as 18KT Gold are cold-worked and entirely by hand although there are infinite tools and machineries that could help. This specific bond comes from the passion and precision of both the Designer & the Artisan.

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Product Care

Malaika is a perfect blend of originality and stringent technical rigour.

From the selection of natural shells to a special craftsman's touch, a series of precise and harmonious gestures can make every jewel eternal.

Malaika's unique pieces are precious objects as well as extremely delicate, therefore deserve some simple and caring actions so their beauty and splendour can be preserved over time.

They must be handled with careful attention and it is highly recommended to avoid direct sun rays; excessive water as well as direct hair spray and perfume; dust and body sweat are not optimal. 

They must be put away each time in their packaging and possibly polished with extreme delicacy.



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