Special Requests

MALAIKA is of African origin and it means "Heavens gate opener/ Angel".

A Swahili name giving out that true sense of "Angel" pronounced [m_a_l_ˈeɪ_k_ə]

Its goal is to provide a comfortable place to grow as well as a place for smiles....

Malaika Jewelry & Malaika Fashion fully embody this comfortable place and offer a direct link between the client and the designer (with positiveness and a strong will to make you smile right away).


Commission your own

Malaika Jewelry opens its doors to "special requests" you might have and might want to commission via dedicated platforms of communication ready to meet all your needs.

You can choose your shell and make your personal customized order as much as have a look at the collection and if you have any particular requests based on the style; the designer will try to come as close as possible to your expectations….

Bear in mind that Your requests are extremely important to us and we care and try to come as close as possible to whatever your dream is….

Materials can come in Silver, Gold 18carat as well as White Gold, plating and Rodhium with whatever stone you might desire, including personalization with hand-engraving… 

Don’t hesitate and order your special request now!

In the making...

Give us your choice
Give us your choice