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MUST_HAD is a Must!

Jul 6, 2021 | Uncategorized

“The value of waste. Embracing refashion as the evolution of Fashion”, these are just a few words coming from Must_Had.

Refashion brands as well as Limited editions are the true concepts not to mention the true values behind this platform and Malaika is proud to be part of it amongst top brands.

Sustainability, wastage, tackling the Fashion Industry with this problem, this ethical not to mention delicate topic, thus:

“MUST HAD is the refashion platform born from the belief that a truly more sustainable fashion industry depends on using what already exists, focusing on RESCUEREGENERATE and REVALUE.”

Malaika prizes quality over quantity and for this reason what matters is not be a mass-producing brand but a one-of-a-kind producing brand. Malaika also takes from its own collection of archived fabrics, collected over the years, since the 80s. Malaika focuses on details in its designs making each one even more special with Sarah Bowyer’s hand-painted masterpieces on and for Malaika.

Malaika is Unicity, Diversity, Innovative Design.

Malaika’s motto is Less is More but most importantly that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.