Wearing Malaika

Each Jewel was meticulously designed to be tied to a Foulard that comes from an assortment of remnants collected over the years by the Designer herself; hand-cut, hand-sewn and finally hand-painted by artist Sarah Bowyer making each one truly special and different from one another.
If you want a "Audrey Hepburn style", the Foulard can be carefully knotted around the neck, but if you want to be trendy you can tie it to the handle of the bag with a bow or as a trouser belt, too.

This accessory can become a real complement to any wardrobe as well as an elegantly unique yet an authentic add-on to your wardrobe.....

Making it whatever you want, anywhere, anytime! 

Truly Chic!

All pieces have already been hand washed at 30’degrees cold water with minimum spin-dryer and hung to dry. Can also be hand washed by hand, and wrung out by hand.

Steam Iron with Cotton cloth over the painting.

"A girl should be two things: 
Classy & Fabulous" - Coco Chanel

....wearing the Jewels in style & with style....